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Multicultural Workers
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Celebrating Cultures, Celebrating YOU!
Multiculturalism is the acceptance and promotion of many different cultures. Multicultural Workers support integration through facilitating an understanding of the many cultures within our community. More specifically, our Multicultural Workers help our English language learner students make a smooth transition from their school system into a Canadian school system.

Multicultural workers: 
  • Provide school orientation for new students and families
  • Assist with communication between home and school
  • Facilitate cross-cultural understanding for families as well as school staff
  • Participate in school activities involving English language learner students
  • Provide information about the B.C. education system and school culture, such as expectations, programs, extra-curricular ​
When to Contact Your Multicultural Worker ?
Services provided by Multicultural Workers in schools are:
  • Facilitating communication between home and school through supporting school staff in arranging meetings and interpreting in academic contexts such as parent-teacher meetings, IEP meetings, etc.
  • Providing information to schools about family/cultural background to facilitate appropriate educational support for the student (enhancing cross cultural understanding)
  •  Providing information in the student’s first language to the student and family about Canadian culture (facilitating crosscultural understanding)
  • Assisting school staff in multicultural education activities
Contact Multicultural Workers when information relating to INSIDE the school is required.
For example, our Multicultural Workers:
  • Provide information about schooling in BC
  • Provide information about school culture (ie., staffing in schools and their roles, school expectations, time tables, bellschedules, meal/break-times, extra-curricular activities, school/social clubs, etc.)
  • Provide information about and assist with school programs, courses, electives, graduation requirements, etc.)
  • Assist with registration and assessments for various specialized school programs such as Dual Credit Program, BCIT programs, transition to middle and high school, etc.
  • Participate in parent/school staff meetings (ie., parent-teacher interviews, IEP Meetings, SBT Meetings, etc.)
  • Participate in informal first-language observations and psycho-educational testing
  •  Assist with various school activities (ie., Kindergarten orientation, Middle and High school orientation, etc. )
  • Participate in disciplinary meetings with administration and school resource officers (SRO)
  •  Assist with communicating  academic progress
  •  Assist District staff by obtaining information about students’ educational backgrounds and previous education progress
What Multicultural Workers Don’t Do
  •  Multicultural Workers are not certified translators and therefore are not able to translate school notices for distribution
  • Mediate conflicts
  • Teach ELL
  •  Act as a certified professional, ie., youth worker, social worker, bilingual instructor, teaching assistant, etc.
  • Conduct professional assessments without the supervision of certified professionals
  • Conduct after school extra-curricular activities
  • Provide educational support, ie., homework help, tutoring, etc.
  • Provide multicultural support to meet educational needs, ie., develop resources

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