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Medical Insurance



Medical Insurance 

How students are covered

Students registered in the Central Okanagan Public Schools International Program will receive medical insurance through Study Insured. 

The medical insurance package provides comprehensive medical coverage. For detailed coverage information and claim forms refer to the brochures or visit the Study Insured Website

All new students begin with full Study Insured coverage.

Students with a study permit (staying 10 months or longer) will also be covered by BC Medical

  • 3 month waiting period
  • Study Insured becomes extended health insurance once BC medical is in place

How to Submit a Claim to Study Insured 

Claims under $500

If your claim is under $500, you may not need to submit a claim form. You can just email

In your email include the following;

  • Full legal name
  • Study Insured Policy number
  • The reason for your medical care (ex. I was diagnosed with strep throat and needed antibiotics, I fell while ice skating and hurt my arm)
  • Copies of your receipts, invoices, referrals (scan or photograph attached to email)
  • Any other supporting medical documents that you were provided ex: medical notes, reports, etc. (scan or photograph attached to email)
  • Full mailing address


Claims over $500 – Online

  1. Gather your documents - all medical notes, emergency/hospital reports, referrals, receipts and other paperwork provided during your medical visit. These documents will need to be scanned, or photographed
  2. Go to
  3. Complete and sign Claim Form
  4. Upload your completed and signed claim form.  Make sure to provide details as to why you needed medical care in Section D (ex. I had a neck injury after being hit in football practice, I had severe stomach pain)
  5. Upload other related medical documents
  6. Request your reimbursement be issued from the options provided
  7. Click : send


TIP! Consider calling Study Insured Assistance to help manage your claim submission. They can provide additional guidance and are available 24/7 at 1.866.883.9787.

Or email to; cc:


After Submitting a Claim

If the claims department needs more information, they will ask you their questions via email. Please remember to check your email/junk folders often.​

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