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Year-End Message to students

June 19, 2023

As we enter the final weeks of the school year there are a few important messages to share with departing students.

Final weeks - Have fun, but be safe!

  • Follow the program rules
  • Respect your homestay family
    • Curfew
    • Plan ahead and ask permission to do things
  • Stay Safe
    • Stay away from places where students may be consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Sleepovers
    • Must be approved by host parents. Host Parents please call to make sure there is appropriate supervision.


  • Student departure dates are June 24 – 27. Students can not extend their experience into the summer.
  • Host families will drive students to the airport or make alternate arrangements.
  • Go to the airport early. The lines for security have been long.


School – to-do list

  • Return all text books, library books, music instruments, school team uniforms, etc..
  • Pay any school fees (overdue or lost books, fieldtrips, team fees).  Difficult to pay from home.
  • Save your SD23 GSuite files.  For departing students, all data will be deleted June 30, 2022.  For instructions on how to download your GSuite files CLICK HERE.
  • MyED Access closes for departing students during the month of July.  Student may want to download and print report. cards.  All report cards will be sent to agents in early July.
  • Say thank you to the teachers, staff and homestay coordinators who supported your experience.


Personal – to-do list

  • Return any rental sports equipment (skis, snowboards, bikes)
  • Submit any medical claims to StudyInsured. For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a medical claim CLICK HERE
  • Pack early (airline luggage weight limit of 23kg/50lbs)
  • Recycle, donate, gift, or throw out what you are not taking home
  • Clean bedroom and bathroom
  • Returning students – plan ahead for any storage needs
  • Say your Goodbye's and Thank You's
  • Stay in touch!

We hope that students enjoy their final weeks in the Central Okanagan and return home with many amazing memories and friendships.

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